Monday, May 25, 2015

HBS Creatin' Contest 2015 // Kit Dry Fit

I hope you had a great weekend! Mine started off with a trip to a couple malls in Charlotte, NC. There we ate at The Cheesecake Factory and shopped around at all the wonderful places in the mall that we don't have around here. I didn't get much, except for a few small plastic boxes at The Container Store. There were so many things I could have purchased but... hello, budget!

The real excitement was when I came home to the Creatin' Contest kit waiting for me! I wasn't expecting it until later this week, so to see it here so early was a pleasant surprise! I did a dry fit to make sure I had all the pieces and to see what the kit looks like as-is. As you can see I'm also filling orders for Twintrees and currently confined to this small computer desk. Excuse the mess...

I had a little confusion with some pieces but, as you can see, I got it together! Now... the plans for my contest submission will be under wraps from here on out! I plan on sharing some sneak-peeks every so often, but to make up for it I have also started plans for "The Painted Lady" kit that I mentioned in the last post. THAT build will be shared from start to finish! I am hoping that my newly-found motivation will be the kick in the butt to post more often and work more often.

Is anyone else entering the Creatin' Contest? I feel like I have a late start on things, but there is PLENTY of time left.

Until next time! xoxo

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

The Painted Lady // New House Build / Personal Updates

It's a rainy day here in Clemson, SC. And... Oh my gosh. It has been far too long! How are you!? What have you been up to? I had a little bit of spare time the other day so I took a look at some of the blogs I follow. I don't know if it was the best thing to do... or the worst thing. Haha! It left me so inspired, and ITCHING to work on something miniature!

I honestly don't remember what my last blog post was, but here's a little bit about what I've been up to. Lately I've been occupied with school! My summer classes started last week, giving me a whopping WEEK for break from my spring semester. Do I sound bitter? I'm not bitter. Not THAT bitter. Luckily, these summer classes don't run as long as Spring and Fall so I will only have a couple months in them! Downside- they have a faster pace. Once the summer classes are over, I will be moving into some student housing (hopefully- it's still not been worked out entirely). I don't have a ton of room where I am right now, so I have to pick and choose what projects I work on. Lately, I have been making these felt flowers!

I cut every petal by hand, and it is actually quite meditative! I even started another Etsy for them! It's called Leaph Boutique. It's something nice for Claiborne and I to work on together- she picks out the colors, then I make the flowers, and then we make the bouquets together!

Anyways, the other day I was going through my room at home to cut down on what I will have to take when I move... guess what I found!? The Painted Lady! I bought this kit last year at Hobby Lobby right before the Indie Craft Parade, in hopes to finish at least the outside to display at my booth. But... that was VERY ambitious. I decided against it at the time, and it worked out in the end! "The Painted Lady" is a Real Good Toys kit, but once I settle on the direction I am going I will give it a new name. For the next couple days I will be pinning to my Pinterest inspiration board and making sketches. Here is what The Painted Lady looks like! (Photos found on

I have a LOT of ideas for this baby but, with it being so big, building will have to wait until after the move. In the meantime, however, I just found out about the HBS Creatin' Contest! I HAVE to enter. Seeing as how it IS a contest, though, I won't be able to share too much on the blog as I work on my submission, but I feel like that's a more realistic project to work on while I am where I am. Here is the the kit for the contest-

The kit is called Denise's City Cottage and (from my understanding) is temporarily available JUST for the contest! How cool is that!? I know of a couple people that are entering. Casey over at Casey's Miniatures isn't entering her cottage in the contest, but is posting her process on her blog! And Brae is building TWO! One for entry and one for us all to follow along! The contest deadline is December 16, 2015- so you have plenty of time to work on it if you want to enter! Who out there reading this is entering?

That's all for now! I have some Psychology to read up on and some Statistics homework to do!
Talk to you soon!

Friday, March 27, 2015

Weekend Giveaway on Instagram!

Hello dear friends! It's been a while! But no worries, I'm here with a fun giveaway! This one is for Instagram, but I thought I'd give you a little update so you know what the deal is!

This giveaway is for FOUR packets of candy! One packet of mixed citrus candies (the last one I have at the moment), a pack of Christmas candy bars (peppermint bark-style), a packet of jelly beans, and a packet of candy corn! The candy corn is also the last packet I have on hand- and it includes 6 individual packets of candy

If you would like to enter in this giveaway all you have to do is hop on over to Instagram and give me a +Follow! Then, "Like" the image! That's it! The giveaway will end Sunday at midnight, and the winner will be announced Monday!

In other news, I have added a few things to the Etsy shop and more will be added soon!

Thanks so much for stopping by, I hope you are doing well!